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Ring Rope Tape ( 10 Rolls )

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Color: Black

7mil x 3/4" x 60-feet (length)

ORDERING 1 WILL GIVE YOU 1 PACK OF 10 ROLLS OF TAPE offers you the best way to tape your ring ropes. If you have ever seen ugly ring ropes, taped with duct tape, you know that you certainly do not want to use duct tape for this application. In fact, even wide tape is the wrong style of tape, because you can't get the tight lines that make the ring ropes look so good.

Our ring rope tape solves all of those problems and gives you a great looking ring rope. This is a great vinyl tape that works perfectly on your ropes and will last a long time. Real rope ring ropes, or cable ropes both look fantastic with our rope tape.

This tape comes in a pack of 10.

Ten rolls will generally tape one ring rope, so you would want three packs (30 rolls) to do your entire ring.