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Custom Mask

Original price $124.99 - Original price $199.99
Original price
$124.99 - $199.99
Current price $124.99

 * YOU WILL BE CONTACTED ABOUT  ADDITIONAL FEES FOR DESIGN | SHIPPING*                                           

Please note, we only customize masks in professional grade. We do not, under any circumstances, make customized masks in commercial or semi-pro grade materials.

Professional masks are the same quality used by actual wrestlers. These masks are amazing. An average of 6 - 10 hours of work is put into each professional grade mask. We can usually get these made for you in about 6-10 weeks. That includes any wrestler's mask that we have on file or any customized mask that you wish to draw up. You can even switch the colors on an existing design to create a totally different look to your mask. If you want to customize your own, you'll need to e-mail, mail or FAX us a drawing (include notations for colors) of your design. Prices start at $124.99 for custom masks. You can include measurements for exact fittings. We need measurements of your neck/collar (High-Collar) and the circumference around your head in order to fit you perfect

1. Design: We start with a Solid Color. You can upgrade your design to Simple Lettering (block lettering), Complex Lettering (you have a certain font you want to use), Simple Design (such as simple stars or shapes), Complex Design (if you have to question is this a complex design then the answer is probably yes), or PPV Quality (if you really want to stand out! Extra time & exotic material are typically used).

2. Circumference Of Your Head (Forehead) = Take measurement all the way around your forehead right above the eyebrows.

3. High Collar (Upper Neck) = Take measurement all the way around the top part of the neck. This is NOT your normal collar size for a shirt, this is just under your chin where the mask will be on your neck.


If you aren't sure, you can also e-mail your designs/sketches to and we will give you the proper pricing for your design.