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ECW Hardcore TV 212-215 Double DVD-R Set

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ECW Hardcore TV 212 - 215
  • Gangstas vs. Dudley vs. Eliminators...3 way dance..New Jack dives off antoher balcony on Bubba through a table

    2. Joey Styles intros Rude as his new partner on commentary

    3. Confrontation: Shane Douglas-BamBam Bigelow

    4. W*ING Kanemura vs. Kevin Quinn...clips

    5. Clip: Raven-Stevie in the locker room

    6. Comments from The Blue Meanie

    7. Tommy Dreamer vs. Cpl. Punishment..Spicolli jumps Dreamer

    8. Debate: Joel Gertner-Rick Rude...hillarious

    9. Raven-Meanie confrontation

    10. Flashback clip: Press Conference from 94' Douglas Funk...The Night The LIne Was Crossed

    11. Shane Douglas vs. Balls Mahoney

    12. Bigelow debuts as a member of the Triple Threat

    13. Rude kidnaps Francine

    14. Intr: Rick Rude

    15. Debate: Gertner-Rude

    16. Tommy Dreamer vs. Louie Spicolli...Bloody Brawl..Spicolli gives Beulah a Spicolli Valley Driver

    17. Video of ECW Chapter 2

    18. Fancam: Dreamer/Funk w/ Beulah after the attack

    19. Debate: Rude-Gertner

    20. Sabu/VanDam vs. Taz/Candido

    21. Van Dam in ring interview … announces that he is going on to bigger and better things

    22. Shane Douglas vs. Chris Chetti

    23. Taz vs. Spike Dudley

    24. Highlights from ECW's Buffalo Invasion

    25. Comments from all the wrestlers on Rob VanDam's appearance on Raw is War

    26. Tod Gordon suspends VanDam 

     27. Raven/Richards vs. Dreamer/Funk...Dreamer takes an incredible fall down a flight of stairs/surprise ending!

     28. Preview: Terry Funk vs. Stevie Richards

     29. Promos: Stevie BWO

     30. Dudleys vs. Spike/Mikey Whipwreck

     31. Balls Mahoney challenges The Sandman

     32. Balls Mahoney vs. Sandman..Chair & Cane are legal..Post Brawl: Dreamer, Dudley, Funk, Stevie