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ECW Hardcore TV 49-54 DVD-R

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DVD-R version

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1. Sabu vs. Taz

2. Bruise Brothers vs. scrubs

3. Jason interview

4. Pit Bull vs. scrub

5. Tanaka vs. Douglas

6. Sandman & Peaches clips/911 video

7. Taz vs. JT Smith (title change, great, everyone comes in)/Ultimate Jeapordy clips

8. Bruise Brothers vs. Public Enemy (Falls Count Anywhere, great brawl)

9. Bruises/Public Enemy interviews

10. Sabu vs. Awesome (clip)

11. Paul E./Douglas interviews

12. Hawk interview

13. Bruises vs. scrubs

14. Crash, Sullivan & Taz vs. Rebel, Stetson & Pitbull

15. JT/Paul interviews

16. Sandman vs. Cairo (from Ultimate Jeopordy)

17. Public Enemy & Sherri interview

18. Douglas vs. Diamond (Hawk comes in)

19. Douglas interview

20. Hawk interview

21. Public Enemy vs. scrubs

22. Public Enemy video

23. Jason video/JT interview, Pitbull attacks him

24. Snuka vs. Ray Oddesy

25. Sandman vs. Dreamer

26. Paul E. interview

27. Hughes & Douglas vs. scrubs (Hawk comes in)

28. Douglas interview

29. Taz & Sullivan vs. Snuka & Powers

30. Paul E./Jason/Public Enemy interviews

31. Sabu vs. Terry Funk (Eaton & Arn come in, best ECW angle ever)

32. Clips of Arn & Eaton brawl/Pitbull interview

33. Taz vs. scrub

34. Bruise Brothers vs. Bad Co. (from Ultimate Jeapordy)

35. Arn & Funk/Eaton & Paul E. interview

36. Clips of Sandman whipping Peaches