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ECW Hardcore TV 19-24 DVD-R

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1. Gilbert interview

2. Gilbert & Patriot vs. Cairo & JT Smith

3. Shane Douglas makes his debut as a heel, great interview with Paul E. and his army

4. Douglas vs. scrub

5. Terry Funk vs. scrub

6. Stan Hansen/Tito Santana interviews

7. Muraco vs. Santana

8. Paul E. & Gilbert/Gilbert interviews

9. Bellomo & Sandman vs. Koloffs

10. Ladies interview and Sherri Martel

11. Gilbert & Patriot vs. Super Destroyers

12. Head Hunters vs. Matsunaga & Miguel Perez (WINGS guys, wild brawl all over arena)

13. Santana & Hansen vs. Douglas & Muraco

14. Head Hunters & Freddie vs. Super D's & Bellomo

15. Bellomo & Sherri interview, they get jumped

16. JT Smith vs. Mt. Motago (WINGS match)

17. Gilberts interview

18. Gilberts vs. Bellomo & Sandman

19. Abdullah the Butcher video

20. Stetson vs. Cairo (wild)

21. Ladies interviews

22. Super D's vs. Gilberts (Head Hunters come in)

23. Head Hunters vs. Matsunaga & Perez (wild WINGS match)

24. Abby Video

25. Snuka vs. Scrub

26. Funk interview/clips of Wman debut

27. Bellomo vs. Chris Michaels (wild, Sal gets hurt)

28. Abby & Sullivan vs. Hansen & Funk (clip, wild)

29. JT Smith v.s Patriot (clip, Scaffold match)

30. Public Enemy vs. scrub

31. Head Hunters vs. Crash Terminator & Perez (Baseball Bat match, wild, WINGS match)

32. Sabu video of amazing stuff from FMW

33. Woman interview from the beach

34. Stetson vs. Cairo

35. Public Enemy/Sullivan interviews