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AMA Pro Alternate Knee Pads-Camo

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We carry a very small stock on in-stock AMA's, your order may take 1-2 weeks to be completed.

">This is the new PRO ALTERNATE VERSION KNEEPADS.  The Pro Alternate DOES NOT have padding on the sides of the knees.  It is especially helpful for athletes that wear a knee brace over their pads as it allows them to have the Pro Padding and Support of AMA Pro Kneepads while accomodating the brace.  It is also made for athletes that might prefer not to have the side padding for personal preference.

AMA Premium Knee Pads (PRO ALTERNATE VERSION) sold in pairs. Same pads as worn by Triple H and others that wear knee braces or prefer not to have the side padding. They can also be custom ordered in  Black, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Sky Blue, White, Red, Maroon, Pink, Yellow, Green, Silver, Gold, Purple, Neon Orange, Neon Green, and Camo.

AMA Neoprene Supports
The therapeutic solution for a wide range of problems of athletes and fitness professionals.

Therapeutic Heat - AMA products are constructed from uni-cellular Neoprene which offers an important combination of flexibility, comfort, support, and preservation of body heat.  Heat retention soothes pain, encourages circulation, helps relieve edema, reduces evaporation, makes soft tissue pliable, less prone to injury.

Lycra Finish - Offered on most of our products to enhance the appearance of the produce even after long periods of use, because of it's resistance to stains and abrasion, not found in regular nylon.

Quality Control - Over 20 years in the support business is your guarantee of quality.  AMA uses Rubatex Neoprene, the finest American Neoprene available.  All AMA products are handcrafted and rigorously inspected for quality.

Care of AMA Pads - Products made of neoprene should be handwashed and then hang them up to dry.  Placing your AMA pads into the washing machine and/or a dryer could ruin them!