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ECW on TNN Episodes 1-4 Double DVD-R Set

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ECW on TNN Episodes 1-4

1. RVD vs. Jerry Lynn from Hardcore Heaven PPV
2. Brief History of ECW
3. Taz vs. Rhino
4. Sabu promo video
5. Spike Dudley vs. Big Sal
6. Promo: Cyrus,Impact Players & Dawn Marie
7. ECW Music video
8. Taz promo
9. Taz vs. Tajiri
10. Jerry Lynn gets attacked by RVD
11. Balls Mahoney & Spike Dudley vs. The Dudleys (Tag Team Title change)
12. Dudleys interview Dreamer comes in and then they attack him until Raven returns and makes the save. (Tag Team Title change)
13. Clips of Raven & Dreamer winning tag belts from Dudleys
14. Rhino vs. Super Crazy
15. Mike Awesome vs. Tanaka from Heatwave PPV
16. Jerry Lynn vs. RVD (Impact Players run in)
17. Clip of Dreamer & Raven Defending the Tag Team Titles
18. Sabu interview
19. Spike Dudley vs. PN News
20. Super Crazy vs. Tajiri
21. Raven interview
22. Lance Storm vs. RVD
23. RVD vs. Jerry Lynn