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ECW Hardcore TV 244-247 Double DVD-R Set

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ECW Hardcore TV 244-247

1.Sandman vs. Sabu..Tables & ladders are used

2.Justin Credible vs. Mikey Whipwreck..Justin breaks Mikey’s leg

3.Al Snow vs. Paul Diamond

4.Pitbull#2 vs. Chris Chetti - Pitbull#1 says if Pitbull #2 loses they will leave

5.Lance Wright interviews Beulah

6.Tons of Xmas oriented promos

7.Promo:Public Enemy..Xmas 94

8.Promo:Dudleys..Xmas 95

9.Promo:Stevie Richards/Blue Meanie..Xmas96

10.Taz challenges Dreamer

11.Sandman & Tommy Dreamer vs. Sabu & Rob Van Dam

12.Promo:Al Snow

13.Recap:Mikey vs. Justin

14.Promo:Triple Threat

15.Balls Mahoney & Axl Rotten vs. Lou Marconi & Roadkill

16.FBI vs. Tommy Rogers & Jerry Lynn

17.Taz vs. Tommy Dreamer

18.ECW is welcomed to Japan

19.Clips:Atsushi Onita-Paul Heyman meeting

20.Promo:Bill Alfonso & Sabu..from Japan

21.Press Clips of ECW in Japan


23.Terry Funk tribute video(tons of Japan clips)

24.Introduction to FMW wrestlers

25.Clips of the ECW/FMW Japan tour_.A ton of clips are shown ,including an explosive barbed wire match

26.Sabu vs. Sandman from Japan

27.Press Conference:Great Sasuke

28.Highlights from ECW in Queens,NY (including the debut of female bodybuilder from Howard Stern, Nicole Bass)


30.Big Brawl:Taz/Dreamer/Sandman/Snow-Sabu/Van Dam/Furnas/LaFon

31.Tommy Dreamer asks Taz to be their partner

32.New Jack dives on Buh Buh Dudley (Indianapolis,In)

33.Sabu, Van Dam, Furnas & LaFon vs. Dreamer, Taz, Sandman & Snow


35.November To Remember 97 video