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ECW Hardcore TV Complete Set Volume 2 DVD-R

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GET ALL 10 DVD's from ECW Hardcore TV   
Included in this set:
ECW Hardcore TV 75-79
1. Sandman vs. Myers/Dreamer interview and video after match

2. Scorpio interview and video

3. Jason vs. scrub (Taz and Malenko go at it, great)

4. Douglas video

5. Public Enemy vs. scrubs (Rocco puts Don Allen on top of 2 tables stacked on top of each other and does a flip onto the outside the ring, Cactus & Whipwreck come out and they brawl all over, great)

6. Benoit vs. Nishimura

7. Paul E./Cactus & Whipwreck/Joey Styles at hospital doing report on Sandman
This is the show where the Sandman gets his eye injured

8. Jason vs. Myers (Taz & Malenko go at it)

9. Dreamer/Sandman interviews

10. Dreamer vs. Sandman )I Quit match, Sandman gets his eye injury)

11. Great backstage scene with injured Sandman/Paul E. interview

12. Public Enemy vs. scrubs

13. Public Enemy interview, they are wearing my Public Enemy shirts, so if you want to know what they look like

14. Scorpio vs. Doink

15. Doink interview

16. Jason vs. Whipwreck (Public Enemy come in and Cactus makes the save with a bat)

17. Dreamer/Sad Sandman video, great

18. Public Enemy vs. scrubs

19. Scorpio/Cairo and Dreamer argue by satellite, great

20. Benoit vs. Oddesy

21. Dreamer and Cairo argue about Sandman, great stuff

22. Douglas interview

23. Cactus vs. Sabu (this is their 2nd match, Sabu breaks 3 ribs doing a moonsault and landing on the guardrail, Sabu breaks a bottle over Cactus's head but it takes 5 trys to break it, you can hear the thud with each blow, sick match)
ECW Hardcore TV 79 - 82
1. Douglas blasts Ric Flair/Doink interview, great

2. Myers vs. Scorpio

3. Public Enemy/Paul E. interview, clip of Subu vs. Cactus, great

4. Jason interview from his house, funny

5. Myers vs. Cairo (Dreamer comes in and attacks Cairo0

6. Benoit vs. Taz

7. Paul E. interview, show clips of Sabu vs. Benoit where Sabu spits up blood

8. Public Enemy vs. Bad Breed (Baseball Bat match, bloody)

9. Public Enemy video and interview

10. Dreamer interview/ECW November Rain video

11. Douglas interviews/ECW November Rain video

12. Cairo vs. Dreamer (November to Remember, great brawl)

13. Sandman press conference as he turns heel again and attacks Dreamer, great angle, must see

14. Dreamer interview, he's all scared up from the caring he got/Sandman & Woman interview

15. Scorpio vs. Hughes (November to Remember)

16. Douglas vs. Ron Simmons (Clip, Scorpio comes in and attacks Shane)

17. Dougals interview and announces Steve Austin as his partner

18. Simmons & Scropio interview/Clips of Sabu jumping Public Enemy

19. Cactus & Whipwreck vs. Public Enemy (Bat match, title change, from November to Remember)

20. Public Enemy/Cactus interview about Sullivan

21. Paul E. interview, shows clips of Sabu almost breaking his neck from match vs. Benoit, sick bump

22. Sandman & Woman interview and great video

23. Simmons & Scorpio/911 chokeslamming the guitar player

24. Douglas interview

*Note: Episode 81 and 82 were the same episode airing twice.  Only included once in this set.
ECW Hardcore TV 83 - 86
1. JT Smith & Steve Richards vs. Chad Austin & Hack Myers (chad invites everyone to the SMW show,great)

2. Jason vs. Two Cold Scorpio(jason wins TV title when Dean malenkos interference backfires, Ron Simmons helps)

3. Simmons interview

4. Shane Douglas vs. Jim Powers, the interview

5. Paul E. interview about Sabu & Taz vs. Malenkos match)

6. Sabu vs. Taz vs. malenko Brothers (Public Enemy come in and put Paul E. on a table and moonsault him)

7. Public Enemy interview, shows clips of them injuring Paul E. and Sabu

8. Dean Malenko vs. Scorpio (Dean wins TV title)

9. Austin talks about SMW being better until Douglas comes in and shuts him up, great

10. Cactus & Sullivan vs. Public Enemy (sabu & Taz hit the ring)

11. Douglas & Sherri bring out Brian Pillman as their partner for the night

12. Pillman, Douglas & Sherri interview, great

13. Pillman & Douglas vs. Simmons & Scorpio (afterwards Douglas piledrives Sherri for being with Flair)

14. Simmons/Cactus & Whipwrack/Public Enemy/Paul E. interviews

15. Clips of Pillman match

16. Douglas interivew

17. 911 vs. scrubs

18. Tommy Cario, Angel & Simmons interview

19. Clips of Sabu fueds of the last few weeks

20. Public Enemy/Paul E. interviews

21. Cactus interivew, Woman comes out and talks to him. Sandman comes from behind and attacks him with the cane 

22. Dreamer vs. Sandman (Cario attacks him and bloody Cactus makes the save)

23. Dreamer & Cactus interiew

Plus there are tons of other interivews
ECW Hardcore TV 87 - 90
1. Great Christmas video

2. 911 chokeslam Santa Clause, Pitbull attack 911 and thent hey start their match, great

3. Women & Sandman interview/Pitbulls and Rottens locker room brawl

4. Cactus & Dreamer vs. Cairo & Sandman (****brawl with blood, great)

5. Public Enemy interivew from Rockefeller Skating Rink 

6. Jason interview

7. JT Smith vs. Stevie the Bodie

8. Clips of ECW Royal Rumble

9. Public Enemy/Paul E. interviews

10. Malanko vs. Oddesy

11. benoit vs. Myers(the match stops because Benoit almost breaks Myers neck)

12. Sabu & Taz brawl with Benoit & Malenko

13. ECW White Zmobie viedo

14. Mikey video and match after match he gets attacked by Giant Paul

15. Video on Sabu and Rocco Rock

16. Paul E. interview

17. Dreamer vs. Richards

18. Douglas vs. Simmons

19. Tully Blanchard promo

20. Richards vs. Myers (debut of Raven at ringside)

21. Douglas video/clips of Public Enemy crashing a party

22. Scorpio gets attacked by Benoit and Malenko Before his match with Sandman, this was a great angle)

23. Scorpio vs. Sandman (Scorpio gets attacked again after the match by Benoit and Malenko)
ECW Hardcore TV 91 - 94
1. Raven video and interview

2. Lauria vs. Whipwreck

3. Snow vs. Nishimura

4. Public Enemy interview

5. Pitbulls vs. Rottens (Losing Team Must Split up)

6. Public Enemy interview, funny

7. Benoit vs. Scorpio (from Flordia)

8. Paul E/Raven interviews

9. Douglas vs. Simmons (from Flordia, Blanchard runs in, Benoit & malenko make the save)

10. Douglas interview talking about Blanchard doing coke and cheating on his wife)

11. saby & Taz vs. Public Enemy (from Flordia, wild brawl)

12. Raven interview

13. Cactus vs. Sansman (falls Count Anywhere, bloody)

14. bloody Cactus interview

15. Jason & Pitbulls vs. Myers & dragons (Myers attacks Angel afterwards)

16. Benoit vs. Snow (great match)

17. benoit interview, great
ECW Hardcore TV 95 - 98
1. Clips of Sabu & Taz winning the belts from Public Enemy/clips of Benoit powerbombing Sabu off a table on the top rope, amazing

2. Benoit/Paul E. interivews

3. Whipwreck vs. Lauria

4. Sandman vs. Cactus (brawl)

5. 911 Chokeslams Lauria

6. Douglas 30 minute interview, this was great, he tell Ric Flair that he hates him

7. Dremer vs. Richards

8. Eddie Gilbert tribute

9. Paul E. interview

10. Cactus vs. Sandman

11. A long Video that recaps all the major fueds in ECW, this is a great video

12. Raven interivew, Dreamer comes out and brawl with him, Hotbody & Stetson interview

13. Benoit, Douglas & Malenko interivew

14. Cactus vs. DC Drake (Terry Funk returns, this is an amazing angle)

15. Sandman & Funk interview

16. Pitbulls vs. Chad Austin & Heartgood

17. Douglas & Cactus interview

18. Dreamer interview about the Funk situation

19. Douglas vs. Blanchard

20. Public Enemy interview, benoit & Makenko take Rocco and his wheelchair and shove him into the guardrail

21. Public Enemy interview from the hood
ECW Hardcore TV 99 - 102
1. Public Enemy interview, they confront Paul E. and sign the contract for Three Way Dance

2. Scorpio vs. Hector Guerrero

3. Douglas Talking about leaving

4. Ian & Azl interview

5. clips of Public Enemy interview and Benoit & Malenko attack them and Sabu & Taz come in to make it a three way brawl

6. Benoit & Malenko vs. Sabu & Taz (this was great match with Public Enemy returning to brawl at the end)

7. Public Enemy get attacked by Pitbulls in the locker room

8. Douglas & Cactus/Funk & Sandman interviews

9. Simmons vs. Myers (911 comes in)

10. Funk/Cactus interviews

11. Scorpio vs. Malenko (Scorpio wins Tv title)

12. Public Enemy interview dressed as girls pretending they are wrestling at WCW's Uncensored, this is the funnies interview I have ever seen)

13. Perfect Strangers video

14. Mikey vs. Jason

15. Malenko turns on Jason

16. Dreamer vs. Raven (Generation X match, Dreamer had to beat 3 guys before facing Raven, Funk unlocks Raven and Raven DDT's Dreamer on the floor and he bleeds loke a pig)

17. Sabu vs. Mikey (great match)

18. Great video on Three Way Dance, hyping it up with tons of wild brawls

19. Public Enemy vs. Pitbulls

20. Pitbulls/bloody Dreamer/Sandman & Woman interview

21. Funk brands Cactus with a flaming branding iron

22. Funk/Douglas interviews
ECW Hardcore TV 103 - 106
1. Todd Gordon announces Sabu is suspended

2. Benoit calls Sabu a pussy for no showing and Taz comes out, Malenko jumps Taz until Rick Steiner makes the save, the place goes wild, tons of heat

3. Guerrero vs. Scorpio (TV title change, amazing high spots)

4. Cactus/Funk interviews

5. Sandman vs. Douglas (Woman turns on Sandman and leaves with Douglas)

6. video on Three Way Dance

7. Raven & Richards interview

8. Raven vs. Dreamer (wild brawl, Buela McGillicutty is introduced)

9. Guerrero interview

10. Douglas vs. Sandman (Woman turns on Shane and Sandman win the title. Shane walks out the front door)

11. Douglas video/Simmond & Funk congradulate Sandman

12. Mikey vs. Richards (Raven comes in and Public Enemy makes the save)

13. Tons of ECW interviews with all the wrestlers talking about the title change)

14. Dreamer vs. Raven (clips)

15. Dreamer vs. Raven (kitchen sink gets used)

16. Sandman/Cactus & Shane's lawyer interview/Sandman video

17. Guerrero vs. Malenko (*****, incredible)

18. Raven Nirvana video
ECW Hardcore TV 107 - 110
1. Locker room interview with Cactus/Confrontation with Douglas, Malenko, Benoit, Sandman & Women minor brawl

2. Cactus video/Public Enemy interview

3. Benoit & Malenko vs. Norman Smiley & Mikey

4. Mikey video/Guerrero vs. Malenko clips

5. Raven and Dreamer bar room brawl

6. Cactus vs. Sandman

7. Douglas, Cactus & Sandman locker room altercation

8. Cactus interview

9. Raven and Dreamer Nirvana video

10. Dreamer vs. Raven (gimmicks galore used, Luna Vachon Makes a surprise save, their best match, great)

11. Pitbulls interview, they make fun of Public Enemy

12. Cactus vs. Sandman (Douglas is ref, very entertaining)

13. Cactus interview

14. Taz & 911 vs. Oriental Connection

15. Public Enemy playing tennis

16. Raven & Richards vs. Dreamer & Mikey (Douglas introduces Bill Alfonso)

17. Tod Gordon interview about Alfonso

18. Malenko vs. Guerrero(Taz does commentary)

19. Taz video

20. Raven & Richards interview

21. Sandman vs Cactus