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ECW Hardcore TV 71-74 DVD-R

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DVD-R version

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1. Sandman & Dreamer Fued clips

2. Sandman & Woman/Dean Malenko interviews

3. Taz & Sabu vs. Pitbulls (sabu was a suprise in this match, great angle)4. Scorpio vs. Sabu (clip and video)

5. 911 vs. Hughes (911 chokesalm Angel)

6. Paul E./Douglas/cactus interview and clips of chair riot/Public Enemy interview

7. Doink vs. 911 (NWA Tournament)

8. Sandman vs. Dreamer (caning match, stiff)

9. Taz vs. Douglas (NWA Tournament)

10. Clips of Benoit vs. Scorpio, great match

11. Malenko vs. Douglas (NWA Tournament)

12. 911 vs. Scorpio (Doiglas dressed as Doink comes in)

13. Douglas vs. Scropio (NWA Tournament Final)

14. Douglas shoot interview, he trashes the NWA title and throws it doem and tells everyone to kiss his ass, this got tons of heat.

15. Dennis Coraluzzo interview saying he is going to strip Douglas of the title/Todd Gordon changing the name of ECW/Public Enemy interview

16. Catus & Whipwreck vs. Public Enemy (title change)

17. Cactus & Whipwreck interview

18. Benoit vs. Chad Austin (rebel turns face)

19. Douglas & Doink interview

20. Cactus & Whipwreck vs. scrubs (public Enemy comes in and they brawl, great)

21. Scorpio vs. scrub, then interview

22. Rebel vs. Jason (Malenko inteferes)

23. Douglas interview, Cactus comes in

24. Douglas vs. Nashimura

25. Taz vs. Ray Oddesy

26. 911 chokeslamming everyone