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ECW Hardcore TV 37-42 DVD-R

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1. Chad Austin vs. Pit Bull (From Holiday Hell)

2. Hughes vs. Sandman

3. Rebel vs. scrub

4. Funk vs. Sabu (from Holiday Hell)

5. Paul E. interview

6. Funk & Bad Breed/Douglas/Paul E. interviews

7. Clips of Funks entire ECW career

8. Funk vs. Sabu (clip)

9. Sandman jumps on Jason's car

10. Funk, Sabu & Douglas angles

11. Paul E./ECW video/Funk interviews

12. Bad Co & Dreamer vs. Tazaniac, Sullivan & Hotbody (Sullivan & Taz turn on Hotbody)

13. 911 vs. Austin

14. Pit Bull vs. Sandman

15. Jason interview

16. Dougals vs. Funk (great, 45 minute match)

17. Public Enemy attack Todd Gordon

18. Public Enemy vs. scrub

19. Gordon announces Bruise Brothers are coming for Public Enemy, great interview

20. Dreamer vs. scrub

21. Sullivan & Taz interview, funny

22. Hughes vs. scrub

23. Funk vs. Pat Tanaka (Taz & Sullivan jump Paul Diamond)

24. Paul E. interview, great

25. Bad Co. vs. Taz & Sullivan

26. Tanaka interview about the Sheik

27. Original sheik video

28. Taz & Sullivan vs. scrubs (wild brawl, stiff chair shots)

29. Hughes interview

30. Dreamer vs. Douglas

31. Austin vs. Hotbody

32. Jason/Hughes interview

33. Public Enemy clips of their ECW matches

34. 911 vs. scrubs

35. Paul E. interview