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ECW Hardcore TV Complete Set Volume 8 DVD-R

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Included in this set:



ECW Hardcore TV 316 – 319

Recap: Dreamer vs. Storm from Queens

Francine Promo on the Beach

Steve Corino & Cyrus interview on beach

Taz takes out Judge Jeff Jones & Wild Bill

RVD vs. Bubba

Justin Credible vs. Jerry Lynn

Chris Candido pulls Chris Chetti off a stretcher - Taz runs in and turns on Chetti 

Storm & Credible In Ring Interview

Little Guido vs. El Mosco

Tajiri & Taka Machinoku vs. Super Crazy & Nova

Dreamer interview

Balls & Axl vs. Dudleys (Barbed Wire is used)

Video Preview  for PPV

Recap of Hardcore Heaven PPV  

Clips of Lynn vs. RVD from Hardcore Heaven

Balls spits fire at Joel Gertner

Balls Mahoney vs. New Jack (New Jack dives from Balcony)

Corino interview

Video Stills: Sid Vicious vs. Justin Credible

Justin Credible & Lance Storm interview

Skull Von Crush vs. RVD

Balls & Axl Promo

Spike Dudley vs. RVD

Lance Storm vs. Chris Chetti

Dudleys vs. Balls & Axl - FIRE FIRE FIRE and more Fire as Balls gets put through a flaming table!!!!!!




ECW Hardcore TV 320- 323


Recap of Balls getting powerbombed through a flaming table

Interview with Cyrus & Corino 

Cyrus Takes a Car Ride with Taz

Nova vs. Little Guido

Recap: Taz, Corino & Cyrus Angle

Super Crazy vs. Taka Michinoku

Steve Corino vs. Tom Marquez

Taz vs. Chris Candido

Justin Credible vs. Sabu ( Sid Comes in )

Balls Promo

Corino In Ring Interview with Taz

Taz vs. Spike Dudley

Jerry Lynn vs. David Cash

Super Crazy vs. Little Guido vs. Yoshihiro Tajiri

Justin Credible Interview

Rob Van Dam vs. D-Von Dudley

Corino, Cyrus & Taz recap

Heatwave '98 footage - Lynn vs. Justin, Candido vs. Storm, Tanaka vs. Awesome, Hayabusa & Hakushi vs. Sabu & RVD, Dudleys vs. Spike & Sandman & Dreamer, Taz vs. Bigelow

Taka Michinoku vs. El Mosco

Dreamer Promo

Gertner Vision

Jerry Lynn vs. Tony DeVito

RVD-Lynn confrontation

Spanish Angel in Ring Interview

Spanish Angel vs. Skull Von Krush – Taz Comes in

Corino Comes in with Rhino

Taz vs. Rhino

Little Guido vs. Yoshihiro Tajiri

Lance Storm calls in his favor from Jerry Lynn

Francine-Dawn Marie confrontation

Jerry Lynn vs. Justin Credible



ECW Hardcore TV 324- 327


Recap: Lance Storm calling in his favor from Jerry Lynn

In Ring Interview with Dudleys

Balls Mahoney & Spike Dudley vs. Dudleys ( Fire!!!, Bloodbath )

Rob Van Dam vs. Lance Storm

Dawn Marie & Francine swimsuit competition

Balls vs. RVD

Taz Interview

Sabu & Jerry Lynn vs. Lance Storm & Justin Credible

Paul E announces TNN deal

Dudleys insults the crowd in Queens, NY

Jerry Lynn vs. Lance Storm (Tracking issues During this Match)

Little Guido vs. Yoshihiro Tajiri vs. Super Crazy

Tajiri turns on Taz

Video Montage

Taz interview

Tommy Dreamer retirement promo from PPV - Corino Comes Out

Video Stills: Dudleys from the PPV

Balls & Spike Promos

Video Stills:  Taz vs. Tajiri

RVD Promo

Video Stills: Storm & Credible vs. Lynn & RVD

Jerry Lynn Promo

Credible & Storm Promo

Joel Gertner JFK Jr. interview

Taz Promo



ECW Hardcore TV 328- 331

Dudleys vs. Balls Mahoney & Spike Dudley

Tommy Dreamer vs. Lance Storm - Hardcore Heaven  99

Doring & Roadkill attack Sabu - Sabu puts Angelica through a table

Jerry Lynn piledrives Jason – Impact Players Jump Lynn

 New Jack & Axl Rotten vs. Balls Mahoney & Spike Dudley (Staple Gun is used )

Tajiri vs. Little Guido

Corino in ring interview -  Dreamer comes in and brawls and Tajiri blows green mist in Francine’s eyes

Recap - Corino & Dreamer Brawl

Jason vs. Jazz – Heatwave 99

Recap: Nova & Chetti vs. Roadkill & Doring from Heatwave 99

Nova & Chetti vs. Diamond & Super Crazy

Lance Storm video

Recap: Tajiri attacking Taz

Taz promo

Uganda vs. Spanish Angel

Fan Cam: Balls Mahoney & Spike lose titles to the Dudleys

Dudleys Promo

Impact Players promo

Rhino vs. Tom Marquez

Corino & Jason Promo

Rob Van Dam video

Corino vs. Jazz - Dreamer comes out




ECW Hardcore TV 332 – 335


Raven returns and he & Dreamer win the tag belts

Taz vs. Rhino

Rhino vs. Tom Marquez

Doring & Roadkill Promo

Corino’s Army Promo

Yoshihiro Tajiri vs. Super Crazy

Dudleys vs. Balls Mahoney & Spike Dudley

Taz video and interview

History of Dreamer-Raven feud

Uganda vs. Tom Marquez

Axl Rotten vs. Balls Mahoney vs. New Jack

Dreamer & Raven video 

More clips of the Dreamer - Raven Feud

Yoshihiro Tajiri vs. Super Crazy

Doring & Roadkill & Angelica vs. Chetti & Nova & Jazz

Tanaka vs. Awesome (Queens, NY, 1998)

Dreamer In Ring Interview

Raven saves Dreamer from Corino & Victory

Highlights of Sabu vs. Justin Credible from Anarchy Rulz PPV

RVD vs. Lance Storm

Jerry Lynn vs. RVD

Highlights of Jerry Lynn vs. Lance Storm from Anarchy Rulz PPV

Highlights of Taz vs. Tanaka vs. Mike Awesome – ECW World Title Match from Anarchy Rulz PPV

Anarchy Rulz PPV Recap video



ECW Hardcore TV 336 – 339


Mike Awesome video

RVD interview

Doring & Roadkill vs. Jazz & Nova

Rhino vs. Christopher Daniels

History of ECW World Title Video

Super Crazy vs Jerry Lynn

Mike Awesome vs Rhino

Promo on Dawn Marie & Tammy feud

Clips of Tajiri vs. Dreamer

Clips of Raven & Dreamer vs. Victory & Corino

RVD vs. Balls Mahoney from Anarchy Rulz PPV

Impact Players interview

Jazz vs. Jason

Corino and Rhino fight with 2 New Orleans Saints football players

Simon Diamond vs. Tajiri vs. Guido

Jerry Lynn gets jumped by Corino

RVD vs. Spike

Sign Guy gets turned into Lou E Dangerously

Mike Awesome vs. Mikey Whipwreck

Jerry Lynn vs. Tajiri

Impact Players vs. Tommy Dreamer & Raven (Catfight with Dawn Marie & Francine, Rhino comes in and the Sandman returns to ECW and makes the save!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



ECW Hardcore TV 340 – 343


Corino & Rhino interview

 Clips of Sandman returning to ECW

Taz vs. Sabu - Impact Players come in and RVD makes the save only to turn on Sabu

Balls & Axl brawl with Baldies  - New Jack comes in and get his Eye stapled by Angel

Lynn interview Tajiri attacks him

Jerry Lynn vs. Tajiri

November to Remember video

Raven and Paul E Promo

Dreamer Promo

Sandman vs. Rhino - Impact Players come in Dreamer and Raven make the save Sandman attacks Raven

RVD vs. Little Guido

CW Anderson & Wild Bill vs. Road Kill & Danny Doring

Mike Awesome vs. Taz

Sabu vs. RVD

Rhino interview

Doring & Roadkill vs. The Dupps

New Jack subway interview

Chris Candido vs. Simon Diamond 

New Jack subway interview

Steve Corino and Limp Bizkit angles

Impact Players interviews

New Jack subway interview

RVD video

Baldies vs. New Jack, Balls Mahoney & Axl Rotten



ECW Hardcore TV 344 – 347


Road Kill & Danny Doring interview

The Dupps vs. Nova & Kid Kash

Jim Mitchell & Cyrus Promo

Impact Players interview - Rhino & Candido come in

Uganda vs. RVD - Sabu comes in and attacks RVD

Steve Corino and Limp Bizkit Confrontation

New Jack dive clip

Raven attacks Hidaka & Tom Marquez

Super Crazy vs. Super Calo

Impact Players Promo

RVD vs. Tracy Smothers

Dreamer & Raven Promo

CW Anderson vs. Mikey Whipwreck

Rhino & Candido vs. Impact Players - Sandman comes in

Rhino puts Sandman thru a table

Diamond in ring interview

Diamond vs. Jazz

Mike Awesome vs. Tanaka

Spike gives Mike Awesome a acid Drop!!!!

Impact Players crucify Raven

Mike Awesome vs. Tanaka (ECW title change)

Tanaka interview

Corino & Rhino attack Balls Backstage

Steve Corino vs. Balls Mahoney

Sandman saves Balls -  Rhino then puts Sandman thru a table again

Doring and RoadKill promo

RVD vs. Mikey Whipwreck

Video Montage



ECW Hardcore TV 348 – 351


Little Guido vs. Super Calo

CW Anderson vs. Kintaro Kanemura from FMW

Clip of New Jack's balcony Dive

Angel attacks Balls Mahoney

Mike Awesome vs. Tanaka  (ECW title change)

ECW World Title History Video

Mike Awesome clothslines Spikes girlfriend and knocks her teeth out

Spike interview

Rhino video

Tajiri vs. Super Crazy

RVD vs. Sabu

CW Anderson vs. Mikey Whipwreck

New Jack interview

Vic Grimes vs. New Jack

Impact Players interview

Corino Calls out Dusty Rhodes and Rhino attacks Dusty

Rhino Video

Simon Diamond vs. Raven

Mike Awesome attacks Spike

Mikey Whipwreck vs. Nova

Angel vs. New Jack

Erik Watts debut in ECW

Spike vs. Erik Watts

Mike Awesome challenges RVD, Sabu also comes in and attacks RVD, Spike makes the save


ECW Hardcore TV 352 – 355


Recap: Mike Awesome challenges RVD Sabu also comes in and attacks RVd Spike makes the save

Ricky Banderas vs. Super Crazy

Steve Corino interview

Simon Diamond vs. Jazz

Sabu vs. CW Anderson

RVD interview

Clip of Awesome beating Spike from the PPV

Breaking News: RVD suffers a broken leg

 Angel vs. New Jack - Baldies run in and Balls makes the save BLOODY

Dupps vs. Nova & Kid Cash vs. Doring & Roadkill

RVD vs. Tanaka

Baldies vs. Balls & Tanaka - New Jack comes in

Tajiri vs. Super Crazy (Japanese Death Match)

Steve Corino & Jack Victory vs. Dusty Rhodes & Tommy Dreamer

Cyrus demands Paul E to hand over the belt great stuff

Rhino vs. Sandman - Corino comes and Super Crazy saves the Sandman

Nova & Chetti vs. New Dangerous Alliance (CW Anderson & Wild Bill)

Dreamer & Raven vs. Impact Players

Tanaka vs. Baldies - New Jack comes in