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ECW Hardcore TV 388-391 Double DVD-R Set

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ECW Hardcore TV 388-391
1. Anarchy Rulz Music Video

2. Jerry Lynn promo -Justin Credible attacks him

3. ECW World Heavyweight Title history video

4. Swinger & Simon Diamond vs. Joey Matthews & Christian York

5. Joel Gertner asks advice from wrestlers on match against Cryus

6. RVD & Kid Kash vs. The Baldies

7. RVD vs. EZ Money

8. C.W. Anderson promo

9. Balls Mahoney vs. Tajiri - A flaming table is used in the match!!!

10. Steve Corino vs. Jerry Lynn vs. C.W. Anderson (World Title Match)

11. Video Montage

12. Kid Kash vs. EZ Money

13. Nova vs. Simon Diamond - Chris Chetti runs in

14. Phoenix & Krueger vs. Doring & Roadkill

15. Steve Corino vs. C.W. Anderson

16. Corino & New Jack Promo

17. Mikey & Tajiri vs. Joey Matthews & Christian York

18. Spike Dudley vs. Chris Hamrick

19. Jerry Lynn vs. Referee Danny Daniels

20. Justin Credible & Rhino vs. Steve Corino & New Jack - Sandman runs in