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Mickie James All Access Double DVD Set

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From a small farm in Virginia, to the grandest stage of them all,She has fought and clawed her way to the top. Through trials and triumphs, highs and lows she never gives up. She is Mickie Laree James and for the first time she's telling her story. No questions left unanswered, no stones left unturned, this is Mickie James: All Access.
Welcome to an all access look at the life of Mickie James. In an over three hour interview Mickie covers all aspects of her career. Then we hit the road to rock and wrestle across the country. The bonus disc includes Mickie on the road in Texas. Doing a media tour, a wrestling seminar and a wrestling event. Then we fly out to Charlotte and hang backstage with Mickie as she gets ready to rock the house in concert. Plus 6 bonus matches featuring the one and only, Mickie James.
Disc 1: The Interview
  • Chapter 1: Life on the Farm
  • Chapter 2: Getting in the Biz
  • Chapter 3: Getting the Call
  • Chapter 4: The Grandest Stage
  • Chapter 5: Star Filled Lockerroom
  • Chapter 6: End of a Run
  • Chapter 7: Getting Personal
  • Chapter 8: Return to TNA
  • Chapter 9: Making Music
  • Chapter 10: The Future
  • Chapter 11: Fan Questions
  • Chapter 12: Word of Advice
Total Runtime 3 Hrs 10 mins
Disc 2: Bonus Features
  • Chapter 1: Media Blitz
  • Chapter 2: Training Seminar
  • Chapter 3: OSW: Saved By The Bell
  • Chapter 4: Backstage with Mickie
  • Chapter 5: Mickie vs. Mia Yim - NEW Thunderslam
  • Chapter 6: Mickie vs. Amber O'Neal - PWX Holiday Havoc
  • Chapter 7: Mickie vs. Alexxis - NEW November to Remember
  • Chapter 8: Mickie vs. Maria - NEW Wrestlefest XVII
  • Chapter 9: Mickie vs. Amber O'Neal - PWS Freshman Phenom
  • Chapter 10: Mickie vs. Alexxis - NEW Autumn Ambush
Total Run Time 2 Hrs 18 Mins