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Dad You Don't Work You Wrestle - George South Book

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George will personally sign any book. He comes to Highspots every Tuesday.  So if you'd like this signed personally to you, just note that in the text area to "personalize" what you would like and we'll have him sign on Tuesday and send to you the next day.
George South is a hold out from the glory days of professional wrestling. If you spend any time with him it's quickly apparent that the priorities in is life are his family, wrestling and his savior, Jesus Christ. As a child in the 1970s, he grew up watching Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling. He knew then that he would soon be in the ring with his idols; men like Paul Jones, Wahoo McDaniel, Blackjack Mulligan, Ric Flair, the Anderson Brothers and Masked Superstar. Throughout his 30 plus year career in professional wrestling, George has maintained his strong faith in Jesus Christ. Never willing to compromise, George has been able to stay on his daily walk with the Lord as well as keeping his focus on his wonderful family. George's journeys have taken him to the NWA, WCW and WWF and he's faced a who's who of wrestling legends. These experiences led George to open his own wrestling school which is still open today. Every weekend George still drives up and down the road to wrestling shows, thrilling the old-school fans. This book documents George's humble beginnings through his wonderful career in professional wrestling. It's an amazing story told by an amazing man.
This book is written from notes that George took over his career. Notes and stories written on napkins, paper and envelopes; any scrap of paper would do. For thirty years he kept all these different stories knowing one day he would finally write his own book. That day has finally come.
Mark James, co-author and editor for Dad You Don't Work, You Wrestle says, “When I first started talking to George about doing his autobiography, it seemed like he had almost given up on telling his story. After explaining the process we took off on this ride together. George is one of those guys that has never met a stranger and it was a pleasure to help him document his life's story and get it out to the public.”