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ECW Hardcore TV 368-371 Double DVD-R Set

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ECW Hardcore TV 368-371
1. Footage of Rhino vs. Sandman from Hardcore Heaven

2. Cyrus, Corino, Rhino & Victory promo

3. Chilly Willy vs. Bill Wiles - Electra & Jazz cat fight

4. Clips of Hardcore Heaven

5. Nova & Chetti vs. Doring & Road Kill vs. Baldies  -Corino does commetary  -New Jack hits the ring

6. Jerry Lynn promo challenging RVD

7. RVD Promo challening Lynn

8. Justin Credible vs Raven

9. Baldies vs. Doring & Road Kill vs. Swinger & Diamond - New Jack comes in and bleeds the Baldies dry!!!!

10. Dangerous Alliance in ring Interview

11. Kid Kash vs. CW Anderson


13. Nova & Chetti vs. Diamond & Swinger

14. Mikey vs. Little Guido w/ Big Sal & Tony Mamaluke 

15. Baldies vs. Nova, Kid Kash & Chetti

16. Simon Diamond  Justin interview about Lance Storm

17. Justin Credible vs.  Lance Storm Highlights

18. Sandman vs. Wing Kanemura

19. Balls interview

20 Dusty Rhodes vs. Jack Victory

21. Road Kill & Doring promo

22. Raven interview

23. Justin Credible Jumps Tommy Dreamer & Credible video

24. Chilly Willy vs. Chris Hamrick

25. Doring & Road Kill vs. Swinger & Diamond

26. Cyrus & Rhino promo about Sandman

27. Justin Credible vs. Jerry Lynn