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ECW Hardcore TV 208-211 Double DVD-R Set

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ECW Hardcore TV 208-211

1.Preview of the Barely Legal Pay Per View

2. Promo: Pitbulls reflect on their feud with Shane Douglas...Clips are shown

3. Preview of the Barely Legal matches

4. Rob VanDam vs. Pitbull#2..fancam

5. Promo: Shane Douglas & Francine...clips are shown

6. Promo: The Dudleys

7. Eliminators vs. Dudley...3 way Dance/fan cam... New Jack dives off another balcony

8. Promo: Eliminators

9. Michinoku Pro video

10. Promo: Tommy Dreamer

11. Taz vs. Sabu video preview

12. Promo: Taz

13. Promo: Sandman

14. Preview of The 3 Way Dance at Barley Legal

15. Promo: Raven

16. Video: Terry Funk at his father's grave...classic

17. The Barely Legal PPV Preshow

18. Video Stills: Shane Douglas vs. Pitbulls#2..Barely Legal

19. Intr: Rick Rude

20. Video Stills: Dudley vs. Eliminators...Barely Legal

21. Video: Funk at his father’s grave

22. Video stills: Terry Funk vs. Steve Richards vs. Sandman...Barely Legal

23. Video Stills: Raven vs. Terry Funk...Barely Legal

24. Video Stills: Sabu vs. Taz...Barely Legal

25. Intr: Sabu/Van Dam/Alfonso..Van Dam's interviews are classic

26. Interviws: Taz, Paul Heyman

27. Rick Rude Interview

28. Douglas w/ Francine Interview

29. Funk Career Highlights: When Worlds Collide clip

30. Raven Interview 

31. Stevie Interview

32. JT Smith returns 

33. FBI vs. Chris Chetti & Spike Dudley

34. Flashback Clip: Funk out of the box angle

35.  Rob Van Dam grabs WWF's Sunny's ass...Brawl w/ Candido

36.  Sabu/Van Dam jump Candito..Taz comes out

37. Balls Mahoney vs. Cpl Punishment

38. Flashback clip: Funk challenging Cactus Jack

39. Promo: Sabu/VanDam/Alfonso

40. Recap: Rob Van Dam grabs WWF's Sunny's ass...Brawl w/ Candido

41. FBI vs. Nova/Meanie

42. Eliminators Promo

43. Promo: Sabu/Van Dam/Alfonso

44. Rob Van Dam vs. Spike Dudley

45. Louie Spicolli-Tommy Dreamer..Pullapart brawl

46. Louis Spicolli vs. Chris Chetti...Dreamer breaks Spicolli's fingers

47. Promo: Taz

48. Promo: Raven..Raven breaks into Stevie's dressing room & asks him to end his pain