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ECW Hardcore TV 152-155 Double DVD-R Set

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ECW Hardcore TV 152-155
1. Douglas interview, Pillman is at ringside and pulls a lady and a baby in front of him so Douglas can't get him, great stuff

2. Todd and Alfonso brawl

3. Headhunters vs. Dudleys

4. Taz interview

5. Headhunters vs. Gangstas (this was a wild brawl with every object in the building being used!!!)

6. Gangsta interview

7. Cactus vs. Chris Jericho

8. Taz vs. Mikey (Bigelow comes in)

9. Douglas and Pillman feud clips

10. Pillman attacks everyone and does a classic interview

11. Pitbulls vs. Bruise Brothers (guess what, another wild brawl all over the building)

12. Taz interview

13. Misterio Jr. vs. Juventud Guerrero (2 matches, 1 in NY and 1 in Philly, both are *****)

14. Pillman interview from a diner, funny as hell

15. Bruise Brothers vs. Douglas & Dreamer (clips)

16. Cactus vs. Mikey (Cactus' last ECW match)

17. Cactus video

18.  Jericho vs. Taz

19. Douglas vs. Raven (everyone comes in)

20. Mikey vs. Kane

21. Gangstas vs. Chad Austin & Blue Meanie (this was sick as New Jack stiffed Chad with a million chair shots and Chad bleed hardway)

22. Eliminators vs. Billy Black & Stud

23. Eliminators and Gangstas brawl, Eliminators put New Jack between two tables and give him the Total Elimination, great

24. Taz vs. Buh Buh Ray Dudley (Taz destroys the whole Dudley family and mocks Sabu)

25. Douglas interview