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ECW Hardcore TV 115-118 Double DVD-R Set

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ECW Hardcore TV 115-118
1.     Clips of Flagstaff title change with Public Enemy and Raven & Richards, Gangstas help them win the titles

2. Shane and Cactus Debate/Luna & Dreamer/Woman & Sandman/Scorpio interviews

3. Shane interview, Cactus comes in and Sandman also, Woman slaps Shane/Luna interview

4. Taz vs. Scorpio (Alfonso comes in)

5. Axl/Sandman & Woman/Alfonso interviews

6. Gordon fires Shane, Shane attacks him and 911 makes the save

7. 911 breaks up match and chokeslams everyone

8. Big Val vs. Myers

9. Pitbulls vs. Dudleys (Francine and Beulah brawl)

10. Pitbulls/Paul E. interviews

11. Raven's Army destroy Luna and Dreamer, Dudleys and Pitbulls come out and brawl all over, Richards get thrown through a wall

12. Paul E. interview/Gangstas attack Public Enemy and spray paint them/Gangstas interview

13. Alfonso slaps Todd Gordon

14. Raven & Richards vs. Done & Stetson (Francine and Beulah brawl and Dudleys comes in)

15. Taz & Guerrero vs. Scorpio & Malenko (Alfonso comes in and reverses teh decision, Paul E. comes in and Alfonso brings in Rob Feinstein as videographer, Feinstein insults Paul E. and attacks him until 911 makes the save, great stuff)

16. Feinstein interveiw/Public Enemy and Gangstas feud clips

17. Gangstas/Raven, Richards & Beulah interviews/Florida ECW video

18. Taz & Guerrero vs. Scorpio & Malenko (Florida match, Taz injures his neck)

19. Raven, Richards & Beulah interview from the beach

20. Clips of Feinstein angle

21. Mikey vs. Terrorist (911 comes in)

22. Public Enemy interview

23. Pitbulls vs. Bull Pain & Scrub (everyone comes in and brawls, wild)