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Gotch: An American Hero

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by Mike Chapman

A historical novel based on the true life story of Frank Gotch, World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion from 1908 to 1915. Gotch was the number one athlete of his era and as well known then as Michael Jordan is today. This book takes the reader on a nostalgic tour of the United States and professional athletics at the turn of the century and shortly thereafter.

Matt Furey, publisher GAIN Magazine:
Mike Chapman just released the best written book of his career (he has 12 titles to his credit). Chapman's latest, "Gotch: An American Hero" is a historical novel based upon the life of professional wrestler Frank Gotch, America's first world champion. This book is 279 pages long and has the makings of a movie written all over it (are you listening Hollywood?).

When reading the book you'll wish you had lived back in the early 1900's...and were able to train right alongside Gotch, Farmer Burns, Dan McLeod and the others. "Gotch: An American Hero" is written in a down-home Iowa dialect that doesn't really exist anymore, and even if it never did, reading the dialogue will be like drinking poetry. Each sentence pulls you closer into the fantasy world of old-time pro wrestling. Every page comes to life and throws you into a realm of "the good old days" of real professional wrestling. Gotch's matches and his life are covered in vivid detail and presented in such a realistic fashion that you'll feel like the champion is your friend. It isn't often that you'll read a book and feel like you're right there, watching the whole parade. You will when you read "Gotch: An American Hero." This book belongs in the library of every grappling enthusiast.

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  • Paperback: 279 pages