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ECW Hardcore TV 228-231 Double DVD-R Set

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ECW Hardcore TV 228-231

1.Intr: Rick Rude

2.Shane Douglas vs.  Al Snow..Shane’s first title defense

3.Promo: Lance Wright

4.Taz vs. Pablo Marquez

5.Rob Van Dam vs. Tommy Dreamer - Dreamer gets buried with a WWF flag

6.Promo:Lance Wright/ Dreamer

7.FBI vs. Chris Chetti/Spike Dudley

8.Intr:Chris Candido..Classic as Candido pretends to be called by WCW during the interview

9.Sabu vs. Bobby Duncam Jr.

10. Sabu vs. Tommy Dreamer..Sandman/RVD/Taz get involved

11.Lance Wright interviews Taz..Taz chokes him out!

12. Kronus vs. Tracy Smothers



15.Shane Douglas vs. Axl Rotten

16.Sabu jumps Sandman - Sabu breaks a beer bottle over his head & puts him through a table

17.Rob Van Dam vs. Tommy Dreamer

18.Taz challenges Dreamer

19.Paul Heyman addresses the resignation of Tod Gordon

20.Promo:Shane Douglas/Francine

21.Ceremony for Terry Funk from Wrestlefest 50 Years Of Funk

22.Kronus vs. Big Dick Dudley..New Jack returns to Boston

23.Jerry Lynn vs. Chris Candido

24.Promo:Sabu/Van Dam/Alfonso

25.Great Sasuke video

26.Taz promo

27.Taz vs Tommy Dreamer - Sabu/Van Dam get involved