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ECW Hardcore TV 216-219 Double DVD-R Set

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ECW Hardcore TV 216-219 

1.Announcement of Stevie Richards injury

2. Preview: Wrestlepalooza 97

3. Recap: Stevie vs. Funk....tons of clips from previous matches

4. Intrs: Stevie, Chris Candido

5. Intr: Taz

6. Eliminators/Taz vs. Sabu/Van Dam/D-Von Dudley

7. Preview: Raven vs. Dreamer...All the major matches & angles are shown

8. Dreamer Promo

9. Show Intro with Rude & Joey

10. Intr: Elimintors

11. Intr: Dudleys/Gertner

12. Raven vs. Tommy Dreamer...Final Battle..Fast paced & tons of near falls...a classic

13. Jerry Lawler debuts....The lights go out & Van Dam appears, the lights go out again & Sabu Appears, the lights go out once more & Lawler appears...One of the greates angles ever!!!

14. Sabu vs. Taz - Barely Legal Rematch

15. Taz vs. Shane Douglas...Taz wins the TV title

16. Taz Interview - Recap: Jerry Lawler's ECW debut

17. Dreamer invades Memphis TV Studio Taping - Intr: Jerry Lawler

18. Sabu vs. Taz...Highlights

19. Taz vs. Shane Douglas...Taz wins TV title

20. Intr: Taz

21. Dudleys vs. Kronus  -  Saturn drop an elbow off the top with his leg in a cast

22. Dudleys vs. Kronus...Title change

23. Pitbulls/Balls Mahoney vs. Triple Threat

24. Intr: Jerry Lawler

25. Tommy Dreamer vs. Louie Spicolli...I Quit match

26. Preview of next ECW Arena show

27. Sabu/Van Dam vs. Sandman/Dreamer....First 90 seconds