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ECW Hardcore TV 132-135 Double DVD-R Set

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ECW Hardcore TV 132-135
1. Public Enemy vs. Gangstas (Raven & Richards come in)

2. Public Enemy light table on fire and moonsault Richards on it

3. Public Enemy/Richards & Jason interview, funny as Jason shows Richards dress

4. Sandman vs. Mikey (before the match Konnan and Austin come in and everyone brawls, all of Mikey and Sandman matches are sick and brutal)

5. Sandman/JT Smith interviews/Montage video with tons of interviews

6. Austin makes fun of Eric Bischoff, funny

7. Pitbulls vs. scrubs (Eliminators come in)

8. Taz & Rick Steiner vs. Eliminators

9. Public Enemy & Mikey interview

10. Sandman vs. Mikey (Ladder Match, title change, Austin kidnaps Woman at ringside)

11. Bloody Sandman interview

12. JT Smith vs. El Puerto Ricano

13. Myers vs. Dudley (Sandman comes in and canes everyone because he is mad for loosing the belt)

14. November to Remember video, great

15. Rocco Rock vs. Scorpio (Scorpio & Sandman win tag titles due to a stipulation)

16. Alfonso and Beulah brawl/Public Enemy video and another montage video with interviews

17. Cactus vs. Dreamer (Funk at ringside, this was the big fire angle)

18. Misterio Jr. & Konnan vs. La Parka & Psicosis

19. November Rain video