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ECW Hardcore TV 83-86 DVD-R

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1. JT Smith & Steve Richards vs. Chad Austin & Hack Myers (chad invites everyone to the SMW show,great)

2. Jason vs. Two Cold Scorpio(jason wins TV title when Dean malenkos interference backfires, Ron Simmons helps)

3. Simmons interview

4. Shane Douglas vs. Jim Powers, the interview

5. Paul E. interview about Sabu & Taz vs. Malenkos match)

6. Sabu vs. Taz vs. malenko Brothers (Public Enemy come in and put Paul E. on a table and moonsault him)

7. Public Enemy interview, shows clips of them injuring Paul E. and Sabu

8. Dean Malenko vs. Scorpio (Dean wins TV title)

9. Austin talks about SMW being better until Douglas comes in and shuts him up, great

10. Cactus & Sullivan vs. Public Enemy (sabu & Taz hit the ring)

11. Douglas & Sherri bring out Brian Pillman as their partner for the night

12. Pillman, Douglas & Sherri interview, great

13. Pillman & Douglas vs. Simmons & Scorpio (afterwards Douglas piledrives Sherri for being with Flair)

14. Simmons/Cactus & Whipwrack/Public Enemy/Paul E. interviews

15. Clips of Pillman match

16. Douglas interivew

17. 911 vs. scrubs

18. Tommy Cario, Angel & Simmons interview

19. Clips of Sabu fueds of the last few weeks

20. Public Enemy/Paul E. interviews

21. Cactus interivew, Woman comes out and talks to him. Sandman comes from behind and attacks him with the cane

22. Dreamer vs. Sandman (Cario attacks him and bloody Cactus makes the save)

23. Dreamer & Cactus interiew

Plus there are tons of other interivews