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ECW on TNN Episodes 41-44 Double DVD-R Set

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ECW on TNN Episodes41-44
1. Raven interview - Justin comes in, Dreamer gets involved, Scott Anton comes in
2. Guido, Sal & Mamaluke Promo
3. Kid Kash vs. Vic Grimes
4. Mikey Whipwreck vs. Tony Mamaluke - Mamaluke takes a sick bump into the guard rail!!
5. Sinister Minister & Mikey Promo
6. Paul E Promo that is censored about TNN & Dawn Marie video
7. Sandman vs. Rhino
8. Jazz interivew - jumped by Justin & Francine until Dreamer makes the save
9. Cyrus, Scotty Anton & Raven interview
10. Raven vs. Scotty Anton
11. Justin Credible & Rhino vs. Tommy Dreamer & Sandman
12. Cyrus and Joel Gertner fight EVERYONE COMES IN
13. Kid Cash vs. EZ Money - Chris Hamrick & New Jack come in
14. Balls, Sinister Minister & Mikey Promo
15. Justin Creible vs. Jerry Lynn
16. RVD & New Jack promos
17. Cyrus and Joel fight - Francine & Dreamer go at it with Jazz getting involved
18. Chilly Willy vs. Tony Mamaluke
19. Diamond & Swinger promo - New Dangerous Alliance come in
20. Anton & Cyrus promo
21.Steve Corino vs. Tajiri - Jerry Lynn is the ref