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ECW Hardcore TV: 176-179 DVD-R

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ECW Hardcore TV 176-179
1.     Interview with Rob Van Dam

2. Doug Furnas vs. Rob Van Dam

3. Recap of Sandman-Raven Feud

4. Johnny Smith vs. Louie Spicolli

5. ECW Video Montage

6. Shane Douglas/Francine on a beach

7. Pitbulls video

8. Shane Douglas/Francine Interview

9. Rob Van Dam asks Paul E. for Sabu to be his partner

10. Interview with Missy Hyatt/Sandman...This is Missy's last appearance/She turns on Sandman...Great

11. Louie Spicolli vs. Devon Storm

12. Taz vs.Tommy Dreamer

13. Brian Lee vs. Terry Gordy..Badstreet match

14. Intr: Tommy Dreamer

15. Dudleys vs. Axl Rotten/D-Von Dudley

16. Interview wih Raven/Lori Fullinton

17. Shane Douglas/Francine at pool

18.  Video Montage

19. Sandman-Tyler/Lori/Raven Confrontation

20. Tyler Fullington's birthday party...absolutely hilarious

21. American Journal Piece on ECW
22. Shane Douglas vs. Louie Spicolli
23. Lance Wright interviews Shane Douglas...Lance & Heel announcer Joel Gertner go at it, & Shane cripples Lance Wright...Classic!