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ECW Hardcore TV 67-70 DVD-R

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1. 911 & Hughes staredown, 911 chokeslams Angel

2. Paul E. interview, great

3. Taz vs. Myers

4. Sandman canes Dreamer and interviews by both

5. Rotten vs. scrubs

6. Myers & scrubs vs. Chad Austin, Hason & Rebel

7. Public Enemy video and interview

8. Funks & Dreamer vs. Pitbulls & Snuka

9. Hughes interview and video

10. Rottens vs. scrubs

11. Barbed Wire clips with chair coming into ring

12. Whipwreck vs. scrub (Jason comes in)

13. Pitbulls vs. Delta Slam

14. Paul E. interview, clips of Sabu vs. Scorpio

15. Whipwreck video and interview

16. Public Enemy singing

17. Sandman vs. Oddsey

18. Austin vs. scrub

19. Paul E. interview, great

20. Cactus vs. T. Funk (clip)

21. The near riot of fans throwing over 100 charis into the rong, crazy must see.

22. Public Enemy video/Funk & cactus interview/Jason/Scorpio video

23. Jason vs. Whipwreck (title change)

24. Taz & Snuka vs. Pitbulls (from Heat Wave tour)

25. Paul E. interview