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ECW Hardcore TV 75-78 DVD-R

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1. Sandman vs. Myers/Dreamer interview and video after match

2. Scorpio interview and video

3. Jason vs. scrub (Taz and Malenko go at it, great)

4. Douglas video

5. Public Enemy vs. scrubs (Rocco puts Don Allen on top of 2 tables stacked on top of each other and does a flip onto the outside the ring, Cactus & Whipwreck come out and they brawl all over, great)

6. Benoit vs. Nishimura

7. Paul E./Cactus & Whipwreck/Joey Styles at hospital doing report on Sandman
This is the show where the Sandman gets his eye injured

8. Jason vs. Myers (Taz & Malenko go at it)

9. Dreamer/Sandman interviews

10. Dreamer vs. Sandman )I Quit match, Sandman gets his eye injury)

11. Great backstage scene with injured Sandman/Paul E. interview

12. Public Enemy vs. scrubs

13. Public Enemy interview, they are wearing my Public Enemy shirts, so if you want to know what they look like

14. Scorpio vs. Doink

15. Doink interview

16. Jason vs. Whipwreck (Public Enemy come in and Cactus makes the save with a bat)

17. Dreamer/Sad Sandman video, great

18. Public Enemy vs. scrubs

19. Scorpio/Cairo and Dreamer argue by satellite, great

20. Benoit vs. Oddesy

21. Dreamer and Cairo argue about Sandman, great stuff

22. Douglas interview

23. Cactus vs. Sabu (this is their 2nd match, Sabu breaks 3 ribs doing a moonsault and landing on the guardrail, Sabu breaks a bottle over Cactus's head but it takes 5 trys to break it, you can hear the thud with each blow, sick match)