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Classic Black Natural Boots - Best Seller

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"The Natural Classic"..

Classic Black Natural with Black Soles

How can you offer "The Classic" so much cheaper than your custom fitted boots?
Don't let the price fool you, there is absolutely nothing that is compromised in this boot. Since 1998, Highspots has been hand producing/custom fitting wrestling boots and gear, catering to each individual order. We still do this. When things are tailor made, they have alot of time invested in them and tend to cost more. However, on "The Classic", we contracted with a manufacturing plant in Asia to make these boots in very large quantity runs. The savings from mass production, cheaper cost of labor, and cheaper costs of materials are passed onto you.

You were already the least expensive wrestling boot company, and the industry's leader, so why are you now offering these boots?
The biggest complaint we hear about our boots is the long wait period. For a custom fitted pair of boots, it usually takes 8-12 weeks to complete the order. "The Classic" is "ready to go", meaning you'll have your boots delivered to your door in days instead of weeks. We hope that by a portion of our boot demand being served by "The Classic", our custom boots will be on a shorter turn around time. Additionally, we can now sell boots to our customers less expensively than it actually costs us to produce them ourselves.

Describe the boots, I need more info:
We added all the luxuries when making "The Classic": a rounded cut quite similar to our wingtips, black eyelets instead of silver to match the color of the leather, Grade A natural leather, weather stripping along the outside of every boot, a wide tongue, super density insoles, and the best sole you can create on any boot. No perk was spared on these boots.

There is a difference in the cut around the ankle. Notice that the custom boots are "curved" at the back of the ankle, producing a smaller ankle size. The Classic boots do not have this "curve" and may run slightly larger in the ankle.

Please note for proper care of your Classic boot:
Never try to take off your boots by stepping on the back of the boot. This will cause damage to your boots! Do not use the tongue to pull your boots on and off; this will damage or rip the tongue. These boots are meant to be unlaced fully when taking them off and putting them on.