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ECW Hardcore TV 308-311 Double DVD-R Set

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ECW Hardcore TV 308-311

Balls & Axl vs. Road Kill & Danny Doring

Video Montage

Jerry Lynn vs. Sabu - Taz comes in

Shane Douglas vs. Lance Storm - Justin Credible at ringside

Tommy Dreamer & Shane Douglas In Ring Interview

Mustafa vs. Spike -  Dudleys & New Jack come in

Dreamer & Shane vs. Dudleys vs. Sabu & RVD - Three Way Dance

Clips of Dudleys attacking Sid Vicious

Sid Destroys Nova, Chetti & Rod Price 

Video Stills: RVD vs. Jerry Lynn

Little Guido vs. Tajiri

Super Crazy vs. Antifaz

Jasmine St Clair and Francine Cat Fight 

Video Stills: Dreamer & Shane vs. Justin & Storm

Video Stills: Taz vs. Sabu

Interview with Sabu, RVD & Alfonso

Clips of RVD vs. Bam Bam Bigelow from 4/4/98 – TV Title Change

Nova & Chris Chetti vs. Danny Doring & Roadkill

Video Montage

Steve Corino hires Dudleys

Lance Storm vs. Tommy Dreamer - Justin Credible comes in and canes Shane Douglas

Jerry Lynn vs. Tracy Smothers - RVD and Sabu come in