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ECW Hardcore TV: 168-171 DVD-R

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"LINE-HEIGHT: normal; FONT-VARIANT: normal; FONT-STYLE: normal; FONT-SIZE: 7pt; FONT-WEIGHT: normal">     Raven interview with Sandman's kid

2. Jericho vs. Pitbull #2 (Jericho wins TV title)

3. Dreamer vs. Lee (Weapons match, bloodbath, this was the match where Dreamer gets choke slammed thru 3 tables from a balcony, sick!!! They brawl outside the arena.)

4. Gangstas vs. Eliminators

5. Samoan Gangstas vs. Rotten & Myers (Gangstas come in)

6. Sabu vs. Van Dam (great match)

7. Raven & Richards/ Video Montage

8. Gangstas and Samoans brawl, they also have a match

9. Mikey vs. Paul Lauria (Eliminators come in and challenge Mikey to go get Sabu)

10. Eliminators vs. Sabu & Mikey (great match)

11. Gordon vs. Alfonso (from Allentown)

12. Video Montage/Gangstas do a shoot interview on SMW, funny

13. Jericho vs. Douglas vs. Pitbull #2 vs. Scorpio (4 Way match, it lasts about 1 hour, this also has Francine turning on the Pitbulls and gets super bombed through a table!!!****, great)