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ECW Hardcore TV Complete Set Volume 3 DVD-R

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GET ALL 10 DVD's from ECW Hardcore TV   
Included in this set:


ECW Hardcore TV 115-118


  • Clips of Flagstaff title change with Public Enemy and Raven & Richards, Gangstas help them win the titles

    2. Shane and Cactus Debate/Luna & Dreamer/Woman & Sandman/Scorpio interviews

    3. Shane interview, Cactus comes in and Sandman also, Woman slaps Shane/Luna interview

    4. Taz vs. Scorpio (Alfonso comes in)

    5. Axl/Sandman & Woman/Alfonso interviews

    6. Gordon fires Shane, Shane attacks him and 911 makes the save

    7. 911 breaks up match and chokeslams everyone

    8. Big Val vs. Myers

    9. Pitbulls vs. Dudleys (Francine and Beulah brawl)

    10. Pitbulls/Paul E. interviews

    11. Raven's Army destroy Luna and Dreamer, Dudleys and Pitbulls come out and brawl all over, Richards get thrown through a wall

    12. Paul E. interview/Gangstas attack Public Enemy and spray paint them/Gangstas interview

    13. Alfonso slaps Todd Gordon

    14. Raven & Richards vs. Done & Stetson (Francine and Beulah brawl and Dudleys comes in)

    15. Taz & Guerrero vs. Scorpio & Malenko (Alfonso comes in and reverses teh decision, Paul E. comes in and Alfonso brings in Rob Feinstein as videographer, Feinstein insults Paul E. and attacks him until 911 makes the save, great stuff)

    16. Feinstein interveiw/Public Enemy and Gangstas feud clips

    17. Gangstas/Raven, Richards & Beulah interviews/Florida ECW video

    18. Taz & Guerrero vs. Scorpio & Malenko (Florida match, Taz injures his neck)

    19. Raven, Richards & Beulah interview from the beach

    20. Clips of Feinstein angle

    21. Mikey vs. Terrorist (911 comes in)

    22. Public Enemy interview

    23. Pitbulls vs. Bull Pain & Scrub (everyone comes in and brawls, wild)



ECW Hardcore TV 119-122

  • Marty Jannety vs. Mikey (Florida, great)

    2. Steiners & Taz/Scorpio interviews

    3. Guerrero vs. Malenko (Florida)

    4. Sandman vs. Mikey (Florida, Canning match, stiff and brutal)

    5. NY Middletown video, great footage from the card

    6. Pitbulls vs. Raven & Richards (Middletown)

    7. Malenko vs. Guerrero (Middletown, title change)

    8. Mikey and Sandman video

    9. Taz & Steiners/Public Enemy & Mikey/Raven & Richards interview

    10. Francine and Beulah brawl, Rob Feinstein comes in

    11. Dreamer & Pitbulls interview

    12. JT Smith vs. Myers (JT gets huge bump on his head, sick)

    13. Dudleys, Raven & Richards/Dreamer, Cactus & Pitbulls interview

    14. Cactus, Dreamer & Pitbulls vs. Raven, Richards & Dudleys (Cactus turns on Dreamer and leaves with Raven, great Cactus interview After the match)

    15. Woman & Sandman/Guerrero/Scorpio/Steiners & Taz interview

    16. Cactus, Malenko & Scorpio vs. Steiners & Guerrero (great, *****1/2)

    17. Mikey vs. Sandman (Canning match from Philly, stiff)

    18. Public Enemy vs. Gangstas (Sanman comes in)


ECW Hardcore TV 123-126


  • Malenko vs. Guerrero (this was their final match before they both left for WCW, the whole show was built around them, great tv show for ECW, fans cry)

    2. Myers vs. JT Smith (Big Val comes in)

    3. Paul E's Danger Zone with Bill Alfonso, classic

    4. Mikey vs. Sandman (Flagstaff)

    5. Raven & Richards vs. Pitbulls

    6. Cactus interview, great

    7. Dreamer vs. Dudley

    8. Francine vs. Beulah (Cat fight clips)

    9. Taz interview

    10. Steiners vs. Scorpio & Benoit (Benoit’s ECW return)

    11. Public Enemy/Gangstas/Sandman/Cactus/Dudleys/Dreamer interview


12. Cactus Jack Interview, awesome

13. Pitbulls vs. Raven & Richards (Double Dog Collar match, title change)


ECW Hardcore TV 127-131


  • Clips of Double Dog Collar Match/Raven & Richards interview

    2. JT Smith vs. Myers (rematch)

    3. Scorpio interview

    4. Steiners & Taz vs. Eliminators & Scorpio

    5. Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Psicosis (*****, if you like death defying moves this match is a must)

    6. Public Enemy and Gangstas dressing room brawl

    7. Austin interviews as Hulk Hogan, funny

    8. Public Enemy & Mikey vs. Sandman, Scorpio & New Jack (Cage, clips only)

    9. Gangstas video/Public Enemy/Elimiinators/Dreamer interviews

    10. Sandman vs. Mikey (From NY, Austin comes in and challenges both men)

    11. Cactus/Austin shoot interviews on WCW, a classic

    12. Sandman/Taz/Steiners/Eliminators interviews

    13. Taz vs. Jason

    14. Jason vs. El Puerto Ricano

    15. Cactus vs. Ricano (the fans do the wave because Cactus does no want to brawl and wrestles without brawling, funny, Dreamer comes in, bloody brawl)

    16. Scorpio/Raven & Cactus interviews

    17. Dreamer interview about Terry Funk, Clips of Funk blowing fire

    18. Dudleys interview

    19. Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Psicosis (2 out of 3 falls, *****, amazing)

    20. Raven & Richards vs. Pitbulls (911 and Big Dick Dudley at ringside)

    21. Alfonso beats up Gordon, funny

    22. Public Enemy vs. Gangstas feud clips video

    23. Montage video with tons of interviews


ECW Hardcore TV 132-135


  • Public Enemy vs. Gangstas (Raven & Richards come in)

    2. Public Enemy light table on fire and moonsault Richards on it

    3. Public Enemy/Richards & Jason interview, funny as Jason shows Richards dress

    4. Sandman vs. Mikey (before the match Konnan and Austin come in and everyone brawls, all of Mikey and Sandman matches are sick and brutal)

    5. Sandman/JT Smith interviews/Montage video with tons of interviews

    6. Austin makes fun of Eric Bischoff, funny

    7. Pitbulls vs. scrubs (Eliminators come in)

    8. Taz & Rick Steiner vs. Eliminators

    9. Public Enemy & Mikey interview

    10. Sandman vs. Mikey (Ladder Match, title change, Austin kidnaps Woman at ringside)

    11. Bloody Sandman interview

    12. JT Smith vs. El Puerto Ricano

    13. Myers vs. Dudley (Sandman comes in and canes everyone because he is mad for loosing the belt)

    14. November to Remember video, great

    15. Rocco Rock vs. Scorpio (Scorpio & Sandman win tag titles due to a stipulation)

    16. Alfonso and Beulah brawl/Public Enemy video and another montage video with interviews

    17. Cactus vs. Dreamer (Funk at ringside, this was the big fire angle)

    18. Misterio Jr. & Konnan vs. La Parka & Psicosis

    19. November Rain video


ECW Hardcore TV 136-139


  • Dudleys vs. Done & Stetson (Buh Buh Ray Dudley is the special ring announcer)

    2. Sandman & Scorpio vs. Public Enemy

    3. Public Enemy interview

    4. Austin vs. Mikey (before the match Sandman was going to wrestle Mikey but Austin attacks him in the aisle and takes his place,great)

    5. Raven interview, bloody Dreamer attacks him

    6. Paul E. interview, he shuts the lights off and then Sabu comes in the ring and the lights go on and the fans go nuts

    7. Sabu Returns

    8. Konnan vs. Jason (Taz is the ref)

    9. Mikey vs. Misterio Jr. (Fan Cam clips)

    10. Gordon vs. Alfonso (bloody brawl, funny, Taz turns heel)

    11. Taz interview

    12. Cactus interview, great/funny montage interview

    13. Cactus & Raven vs. Dreamer & Funk (clips, everything gets used)

    14. Funk & Dreamer interview, Funk retires

    15. Dreamer interview/Mikey and Sandman feud clips and Austin

    16. Public Enemy vs. Dudleys (Heavenly Bodies debut and attack Public Enemy, great)

    17. Bodies interview

    18. Dudleys vs. Bad Crew

    19. Mikey vs. Austin (Sandman comes in, turns into a 3 way match)

    20. Austin vs. Sandman

    21. Montage video and interviews, great


ECW Hardcore TV 140-143

  • Clips of Sandman vs. Austin vs. Mikey, 3 way match

    2. Austin Interview

    3. Taz vs. Ricano

4. Bodies & Raven interview

5. Public Enemy vs. Heavenly Bodies (Dream match)

6. Montage video

7. Misterio Jr. vs. Psicosis (Mexican Death match, incredible)

8. Eliminators attack Misterio Jr. and 911 makes the save

9. Sandman & Women interview

10. Pitbulls and Eliminators Feud clips

11. Buh Buh Ray Dudley/Sandman interview

12. Montage video of interviews, great


13. Richards kisses Missy Hyatt

14. Mikey vs. Scorpio (title change, Cactus helps Mikey)

15. Public Enemy tribute video

16. Public Enemy vs. Gangstas (Great bloody brawl)

17. Public Enemy/Gangstas interviews/Cactus brings Mikey to Raven, great

18. Raven and Dreamer feud clips

19. Taz vs. Nakagawa

20. Gangstas interviews

21. Ricano vs. Mastino (911 comes in, great brawl)

22. Raven vs. Dreamer (best brawl between these two)

23. Shane Douglas returns during a Richards and Blue Meanie promo, great



ECW Hardcore TV 144-147


  • Douglas interview

    2. Bill Alphonso & Taz attack Joey Styles

    3. Taz vs. El Puerto Ricano (911 comes out to make the save and the Eliminators attack him)

    4. Eliminators vs. 911 & Rey Misterio Jr. (Pitbulls and Francine come in, total Mayheim)

    5. Eliminators attack Francine

    6. Buh Buh Ray Dudley vs. Jimmy Del Ray (Mr. Hughes returns and Shane Douglas comes out to a surprise return and slaps Buh Buh)

    7. Scorpio vs. Mikey (title change, Raven comes in)

    8. Stevie Richards & Beulah interview, she announces she is pregnant by Tommy Dreamer and Raven attacks her and Tommy makes the save

    9. Dreamer and Beulah interview

    10. Rob Van Dam vs. Axl Rotten

    11. Recap video, great

    12. Hack Myers vs. Taz

    13. Sabu vs. Richards (great match)

    14. Konnan vs. Sandman (bloodbath, Konnan's last ECW match, he gives a goodbye speech)

    15. Raven interview

    16. Dreamer & Douglas interview, they agree to be partners

    17. Myers vs. Hughes

    18. Cactus interview

    19. Headhunters debut

    20. Richards superkicks Francine

    21. Pitbulls, Gangstas and Eliminators Brawl, Taz and 911 come in

    22. Dudleys vs. Axl & JT Smith (JT and Axl turn on each other and brawl)

    23. Sabu vs. Rob Van (clips)

    24. Mikey & Cactus vs. Douglas & Dreamer

    25. Sandman vs. Raven (Raven wins title)

    26. Woman and Sandman breakup, great

    27. Misterio Jr. vs. Juventud Guerrera (****match, great)

    28. Cactus & Mikey interview

    29. Cactus & Mikey vs. Eliminators (Tile change, great match, Pitbulls come in and shave Eliminators hair, Cactus turns on Mikey)

    30. Gangstas, Dreamer, Cactus and Raven interviews


ECW Hardcore TV 148-151


  • Eliminators interview/Taz interview Rey comes out

    2. Sandman interview, Woman comes out and offers Sandman to join her and come to WCW but Scorpio comes without them (great angle)

    3. Sandman attacks Blue Meanie and Steve Richards with a cane

    4. Big Apple video

    5. Raven & Richards vs. Douglas & Dreamer

    6. Taz vs. Shark Attack Kid

    7. Todd Gordon and Alfonso go at it, Bigelow and Taz join

    8. Missy Hyatt and Sandman interview

    9. Judge Dredd & Bad Crew vs. Dirt Bike Kid, Don E. Allen & Dino

    10. Brian Pillman debuts in ECW and attacks a fan, Douglas comes out, great interview

    11. Taz and Bigelow feud clips
    12. Headhunters jump Mustafa and then they challenge Andy team from ECW to wrestle them, the Bruise Brothers return, great angle and wild brawl

    13. Headhunters vs. Bruise Brothers

    14. Eliminators & Richards vs. Pitbulls & Francine (Triple Dog Collar match)

    15. Eliminators interview and video

    16. Mr. Hughes vs. Buh Buh Ray Dudley

    17. Dreamer and Raven argue in the ring while the Bruise Brothers watch Dreamer's back, but they turn on him and post him, great

    18. Fan Cam: Raven vs. Douglas (Pillman comes in)

    19. JT Smith vs. Axl Rotten

    20. Douglas vs. Cactus (Douglas handcuffs Cactus and him many stiff chair shots)

    21. Taz vs. Don E. (Mikey comes in and they go at it)

    22. Douglas and Dreamer interview

    23. Pillman interview, he wrestles a pencil, funny

    24. Douglas interview

    25. Scorpio vs. Sabu

    26. Pitbulls/Sandman interviews

    27. Pillman interview, nude, great stuff



ECW Hardcore TV 152-155



1. Douglas interview, Pillman is at ringside and pulls a lady and a baby in front of him so Douglas can't get him, great stuff

2. Todd and Alfonso brawl

3. Headhunters vs. Dudleys

4. Taz interview

5. Headhunters vs. Gangstas (this was a wild brawl with every object in the building being used!!!)

6. Gangsta interview

7. Cactus vs. Chris Jericho

8. Taz vs. Mikey (Bigelow comes in)

9. Douglas and Pillman feud clips

10. Pillman attacks everyone and does a classic interview

11. Pitbulls vs. Bruise Brothers (guess what, another wild brawl all over the building)

12. Taz interview

13. Misterio Jr. vs. Juventud Guerrero (2 matches, 1 in NY and 1 in Philly, both are *****)

14. Pillman interview from a diner, funny as hell

15. Bruise Brothers vs. Douglas & Dreamer (clips)

16. Cactus vs. Mikey (Cactus' last ECW match)

17. Cactus video

18.  Jericho vs. Taz

19. Douglas vs. Raven (everyone comes in)

20. Mikey vs. Kane

21. Gangstas vs. Chad Austin & Blue Meanie (this was sick as New Jack stiffed Chad with a million chair shots and Chad bleed hardway)

22. Eliminators vs. Billy Black & Stud

23. Eliminators and Gangstas brawl, Eliminators put New Jack between two tables and give him the Total Elimination, great

24. Taz vs. Buh Buh Ray Dudley (Taz destroys the whole Dudley family and mocks Sabu)

25. Douglas interview