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ECW Hardcore TV 61-66 DVD-R

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DVD-R version

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1. Sandman

 vs. Cairo (Falls Count Anywhere)

2. Sandman/Public Enemy/Scorpio/JT/Paul E. interviews

3. Sabu vs. Too Cold Scorpio (great match)

4. Cactus interview, great

5. Taz vs. Pitbull

6. Sandman vs. Cairo (Woman is there, wild)

7. Pitbull & Jason/Douglas & Hughes interviews and video

8. Pitbull vs. Whipwreck (Taz & Rebel come in)

9. Public Enemy vs. scrub (the scrubs run away and the Rottens return witha great surprise attack, bloody)

10. Enemy interview as they steal a car, great/Paul E. & Sabu/Cactus interviews

11. Funks vs. scrubs

12. Clips of Funks vs. Enemy (Hostile City Showdown)

13. Clips of Cactus vs. Sabu

14. Douglas & Hughes vs. Bruise Brothers (Cage, bloody)

15. Paul E./Cactus interview, his best ever, this is when he throws away the WCW belt

16. Funks/Enemy interviews

17. Enemy vs. Delta Slam

18. Cairo & Peaches interview, clips of Canning match

19. 911 vs. Cairo (Sandman attacks him, great)

20. Pitbull vs. Whipwreck (Taz come in)

21. Paul E./Cactus/Bruises interviews

22. Douglas interview

23. Douglas vs. Dreamer (Hughes come in)

24. Enemy vs. Funks (clips)

25. Hughes and 911 altercation

26. Douglas challenges Hogan, Bret Hart and Flair, great

27. Taz vs. Snuka (Pitbulls come in)

28. Sandman vs. Whipwreck (Cairo comes in, great)

29. Enemy & Hack Meyers interview, funny

30. Enemy & Hack vs. Funks & Dreamer (everyone comes in and brawls)

31. Sabu vs. Chad Austin

32. Sandman vs. Whipwreck (everyone comes in and Sandman beats the hell out of them with the cane)

33. Funks vs. scrubs

34. Cactus interview, great

35. Dreamer vs. Douglas (Dreamer was a bloody mess from getting attacked with the cane earlier)