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Wrestling Ring Padding

Original price $693.32 - Original price $970.65
Original price
$693.32 - $970.65
Current price $693.32



Super density closed cell padding on rolls that protects and provides for great bumps. Padding available for 16', 18', and 20' rings.

Padding is about 1.5" thick and will come on rolls the length of the ring (actually 8" longer than the ring so it folds on the edges). Rolls are superior to flat sheets of padding for both durability and transportability.

Because of the size of the ring padding, it cannot ship via the post office or normal FEDEX/UPS. You can contact us for a freight quote or we can hand deliver it to you in a truck at $2.00/round trip mile from zip code 28211. Truthfully, we deliver rings all over the country, so if you're flexible on delivery, we can usually save you some money off the mileage price.