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Classic Memphis Wrestling - Memphis Mainstays DVD

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Corey Maclin presents Classic Memphis Wrestling! Step back in time to witness the greats that wrestled in Memphis! An incredible history lesson as these legends are in action during their prime!

These were the stars that Memphis revolved around!

Dutch Mantell

  • Jerry Lawler Confronts Dutch Mantell
  • Dutch Mantell vs. Jerry Lawler
  • Dutch Mantell vs. Jerry Lawler
  • Dutch Mantell vs. Jerry Lawler (Loser Leaves Town)
  • Dutch Mantell vs. Jerry Lawler 
  • Dutch Mantell vs. Jerry Lawler (Barb Wire Match)

Tommy Rich & Bill Dundee
This Section Chronicles the Feud these two men had with the Bounty Hunters.  Which started when the Bounty Hunters tried to shave Dundee's head on TV. This section is full of classic interviews and match highlights.

Austin Idol
This Section includes 3 classic Austin Idol Interviews (including the Classic Diamante Negro angle) and 3 matches with Austin Idol taking on Terry Taylor & Jerry Lawler, twice


  • Bill Dundee & Tommy Rich vs. Austin Idol & Dutch Mantell
  • Tommy Rich vs. Gypsy Joe
  • Jerry Lawler Interviews Austin Idol
  • Jerry Lawler shares his thoughts on all 4 men