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Custom Promo Request ( Order of 50 )

Original price $34.84 - Original price $69.67
Original price
$34.84 - $69.67
Current price $34.84


Promos can be used to not only make money but also to promote yourself.

Just supply the picture, Highspots will do the rest. You send a high res picture to with your order number and we can add text or graphics at your request. Most printers require you to print 1000s to get a good price, but Highspots will allow you to print as few as 50.

Not only can you make money by selling your promos for $5-$10 each after you have signed them, but you can also use them to promote yourself by handing out to promoters.

This is the closest thing to printing money you'll ever legally see!

Why order from Highspots?
- HEAVYWEIGHT CARDSTOCK PROMO PAPER (Or Photo Paper for an additional charge/time)
- NO SET-UP FEE (on all reorders or orders above 250)

* All orders under 250 pieces will require a set-up fee of $25 unless you completely layout the photo and lettering yourself and send us a ready to print file.

Quantity: Select how many you wanted printed (the more you order, the cheaper the per print costs)

Layout: Choose from Horizontal (8.0x10) or Landscape (10x8)

Set-Up Fee: This is Yes unless you are ordering 250 or more OR if you are submitting a ready to print file. Ready to print files should be sized for 8 x10

Design: Do you want us to design your promo photo completely? We'll select the colors and background based on the photo you send us and spend extra time to make your promo photo really stand out!

Border: Do you want a border around the picture?

Border Color: If so, what color?

Printed Text: Typically this will be the name you wanted printed

Text Layout: Do you want your name at the Top, Bottom, or Below the picture?

Text Color: What color for your text?

Submit: How are you sending us your picture? E-Mail or Regular Mail

Detailed Description: Give us any and all details to insure your order will come out the way you desire. If you have a special font you'll want to include that (as well as e-mailing us the font or a link to where you found it)


Here is the process:

1. Place your order and let us know how you would like the promo set-up using the options listed on this page and send us your photo to use.

2. You can supply us the picture via e-mail or mail it to us:

- Mail Photo: This will require a picture at least 5"x7" big. Gloss (shiny) finish is preferred. We will scan the picture ourselves. Our scanner does have limits, but we can crop and position the picture as you request. If you want to include a graphic or logo, please include that with the photo. We can handle most logos.

- E-mail Photo: We will need a hi-res (300 dpi or higher) picture that is 8"x10" for best results. A picture saved from an internet site typically is NOT hi-res or large enough to give you a quality result. You can save it in most any graphic format (psd, jpeg, tif, bmp, etc) E-mail it to: and include your order number with the e-mail.

- E-mail Read to Print File: Supply a 8"x10" file with a high res shot in one of the following formats: PSP, EPS, BMP or TIF. If the image is ready to print, we will waive the set-up fee. E-mail it to: Include your order number with the e-mail.

3. We lay-out of the promo and will e-mail you a low-res proof of the final promo. You will then approve it or make any changes. Once your approve it, the printing process is performed and no more changes can be made.

We can typical ship out your promos within 5 business days after your final approval (2 weeks for photo paper)